Scholarly Journal Articles

2018 "Social Media, the Folk, and Bizarre Stories of Nova Scotia," Canadian Journal of Media Studies 16 (Winter): 76-98

2017 ""Then the Saucers Do Exist?": UFOs, the Practice of Conspiracy, and the Case of Wilbert Smith," Journal of Canadian Studies 51(3): 665-696.

2017 “The Funeral Director and His Film, Studies in Social Justice 11(2): 307-315.

2017 “Causing a Ruckus: Complicity and Performance in Stories of Port Moody,” Public History Review 24: 38-53.

2017 “Never Mind the Ballots: The Edible Ballot Society and the Performance of Citizenship," Contention: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest 5(2): 1-27.

Blog Posts

2017 "Canada, UFOs, and Wishful Thinking,", February 10.

2016 "The Whale That Slapped the Nova Scotian: 'Bizarre news reports, media framing, and the Folk," Acadiensis Blog, June 27.

Book Reviews

2017 "Raf De Bont, Stations in the Field: A History of Place-Based Animal Research, 1870-1930," Scientia Canadensis 39(1): 111-112.

2017 "Beth A. Robertson, Science of the Seance: Transnational Networks and Gendered Bodies in the Study of Psychic Phenomena, 1918–1940," American Review of Canadian Studies 47(3): 328-330.


2016 "Ryan M. Touhey, Conflicting Visions: Canada and India in the Cold War World, 1946–1976," American Review of Canadian Studies 46(4): 537-539.

Other Writing

2012 Tracks in Time: Port Moody's First 100 Years (contributing author). Port Moody Heritage Society.

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