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Everlasting Wheat

A farmer in the 1860s, convinced that a government conspiracy has ruined the year's crop, seeks revenge on his neighbour.

The Granite Man of Gilmour

After an extraterrestrial encounter in 1975, David Hamel embarked on a 30-year mission to build a flying saucer in his backyard, ultimately failing to do so yet leaving behind a mysterious legacy that only the residents of his small town can unravel.

A Certain Texture

Alex Unger, aka ELMS, lives a double life: he creates haunting music, and farms cattle. In this short, he explores how one influences the other, what drives his art, and how one of these lifestyles is more of a privilege than he thought.

locked in a way

This short film explores the confining and isolating landscape of grief. It features the last recorded conversation between Victoria and her mother Renate Mohr, as they speak about a creative collaboration they are not able to finish before Renate’s death. Locked in a Way offers a brief intimate space wherein a mother’s voice and a daughter’s body connect across time, space, and even death.


When there is nowhere else to go in the middle of winter, when all of the shelters are full, the Warming Room serves as last resort for people living on the streets of Peterborough, Ontario. For a community which, since the 2008 recession, has had one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada, homelessness has become a daily, graphic reminder of the cycle of poverty, mental illness, and addiction affecting so many. Follow the stories of five people connected to the shelter – four current and former guests, and one staff member - as they search for housing, security, and new hope in this raw and unflinching documentary.

Tilco Striker

In the 1960s women workers at a factory in Peterborough, ON went on strike. In the middle of winter. This is the story of the Tilco strikers, and their effort to fight against a tyrannical employer.

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