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I am available for media interviews to speak about UFOs/ETs, the Cold War and espionage, the supernatural/paranormal, and related topics. 

2023. UFO Talker podcast. "Does the Robert Sarbacher-Wilbert Smith memo..." 20 September.

2023. The Hub Dialogues. "Uncovering Canada's UFO files." 28 March.

2023. The Walrus. "What UFO fears tell us about trust in government." February 17. 

2022. We're All Gonna Die (Even Jay Baruchel). CraveTV. 30 April.

2022. The Nighttime Podcast. "Keep Canada Weird." 13 April.

2022. The Superstitious Times. "Ottawa writer explores deeper issues of UFOs, conspiracies in Search for the Unknown." 27 March.

2021. Global News. "Canadian UFO sightings are up - ..." July 3. 

2021. Vice. "The Canadian Military Has Been Encountering UFOs for Decades." June 1.

2021. CBC News: The National. "UFO Sightings: U.S. Senate to Hear Report." May 23. 

2021. Vice. "Commercial Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada." April 21. 

2021. Umbrella Arts Magazine. "Matthew Hayes on The Granite Man of Gilmour." Spring (pp. 12-13).

2020. Phantom Signals (documentary TV series). Super Channel. November 8 - 22.

2020. The Wall Street Journal. "UFO spotting has replaced bird watching as pandemic obsession." September 1.

2020. The Nighttime Podcast. "David Hamel's Granite Saucer." August 16.

2020. Globe & Mail. "The United States deems UFOs a national security threat. Why is Canada not taking it as seriously?" August 14.

2019. TVO. "Close encounters of the northern Ontario kind." October 31.

2019. Peterborough This Week. "Have UFOs Visited Peterborough?" April 11.

2019. The Nighttime Podcast. "UFOs Above Canada: the Canadian Government and UFOs." Jan 26.

2018. Arthur. "Trent PhD Student Investigates History of UFO Sightings Across Canada." Oct 31.

2018. CBC Ontario Morning. "UFO Research by PhD Candidate." May 14.

2018. CBC Radio's Ideas. "Canada's Confidential UFO Files." May 11.

2018. The Monocle Daily. "Canadian Mint reveals UFO coin." April 4.

2018. University Affairs Magazine. “Making sense of the paranormal.” February 7.

2017. CBC Ontario Morning. “Pushback at Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival.” November 7.

2017. Arthur Hour. “UFO Investigator and Campus Reporter.” October 25.

2017. Electric City Magazine. Film Review: Pushback

2017. Speculating Canada on Trent Radio (a discussion about UFOs). March 29.

2017. CBC Ontario Morning. "Trent University library closure." March 16.

2017. Peterborough Examiner. “Students, profs concerned over library renovations.” March 13.

2017. QNet News. “The curious case of Ontario’s UFO shortage.” February 16.

2017. Electric City Magazine. “Establishing Shots: Film in Peterborough.” January 4.

2016. All Around the Town on CogecoTV. “The Filmmakers Behind Pushback.” November 24.

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