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I teach in the University Studies department at Northern Lakes College, a community college serving students in Northern Alberta. I teach exclusively online, mostly synchronously. I tend to teach students in the Nursing, Paramedic, and Social Work programs, along with my core students in University Studies, who often transfer to a university to complete their Bachelor of Education.

I teach a mix of courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences, including Introductions to English Language and Literature, Canadian Politics, Philosophy, and Research Methods. A detailed breakdown of my courses can be found in my CV on the Bio page.

My teaching complements and overlaps with my research interests in the history of the Cold War, postwar Canada, espionage, theories of the state, and ethics. Most recently, I developed a second-year English course called "Spy Fiction and the Cold War"; my students read half a dozen spy novels from the late 1940s to the 1980s to learn about Cold War history, politics, espionage, pop culture, and ethics.

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