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My demo reel.

A documentary about several Trent University students who came to Canada through the refugee sponsorship program operated by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC).

In 2017, elders and indigenous youth in Nogojiwanong/Peterborough came together to create a song and music video.

This short documentary tells the story of Windy Pine, a 25-acre retreat on Lake Kushog in Haliburton County that has been in operation since 1982, when the Canadian Studies department at Trent University took it over.

Promo video for the TCSA Debt Sentence documentary.

Students at Trent University organize to bring awareness to student debt. Listen to the personal stories of several students, see how much debt the average student takes on through postsecondary education, and learn what to do about it.

David Patton is a physicist studying what happens when galaxies collide.

Stephanie Rutherford is an environmental historian studying the cultural impact of wolves and media depicting them.

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